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I began drawing incessantly at a young age. It was a natural thing to do. My grandmother once caught your boy drawing on the walls with markers at my parents home when I was two or three years old. When she questioned me about my latest masterpiece, I pushed the blame to someone else.

   "A ghost did it," I replied.

after a lengthy speech about taking personal responsibility for our actions she questioned me again,

"Now Taylor, who drew on the walls?"

Defeated, I answered,

   "It was me.... and the ghost."


The ghost and I have been together ever since. Picking up every kind of artistic medium and learning from the best people for over a decade and a half. I have traveled the globe many times over, exploring culture, perspective, attitudes and relationships, all the while taking notes on a blank piece of paper, a canvas or a wall.



Taylor Jensen is a native Arizona muralist with over 15 years of experience painting interior, exterior, public and private large scale murals. He began his career doing interior murals with a brush and acrylic paint at 17 years old. He studied oil painting with master oil painter Joel Koplin starting in 2010. That same year, during his studies in oil painting, he was introduced to spray paint, not just as graffiti, but as an art form. He has since found a passion in using the spray can the way his mentor taught him to use oil paint and a brush.


He often starts his large scale paintings with an unintelligible assortment of colored chalk drawings. Taylor’s work comes to him seemingly from some kind of chaotic language only he can understand, turning his illegible, flat scribbles into complex landscapes and figures fully fleshed out in perspective with breath, depth, warmth and shadow. He explains the process as something severely simple “Start big, then go small”. His work is realistic enough that after a glance, one might question their own reality. Somehow, at the same time, these pieces have so much of his personal style and voice emanating from them, that there is no doubt that what you’re looking at is the work of a man charged by a vision, Taylor Jensen, Baconcat, tenaciously seeing it through to the finish.


Taylor has painted murals in several countries in North America, Europe and Asia. He has written, illustrated and published at least 12 different books, including a children’s introduction to English as a second language and a story book about some wild pigs. Using his skills in painting, tattooing and language, he put himself through college at Jinan university in China, with Chinese language and culture as the major focus of study. After spending over 3.5 years in China, He fled to Russia and then to Greece to escape  the pandemic in 2020. Shortly after arriving in Greece, he met and fell in love with his soon to be wife, Anna. They were married a year and a half later and currently reside together in with their cat Tempe, Az.

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Do you take comissions?

Most of my recent work is comission based. You can contact me by subscribing here, emailing me at or contact me directly by phone at (602) 394-6927.

How much do you charge?

Every project i work on is different. Without going too in depth on the specifics, you can expect to pay around 20$ a square foot for mural work. I do bulk rates which are discounted for anything over 100 square feet. I take a fifty percent non-refundable deposit before the work begins to cover my expenses and receive fifty percent at the time when both my client and myself are happy with the result. 

How long is your turn around time?

Like i said in the previous response, every project is different. I usually take on one to three mural projects on at a time and when I'm nearing the end of one project, i reach out to prospective clients to set up the next round of work.
To put it simply, you can expect a response within two weeks. After we meet to discuss the project and check out the space, I put together a basic schedule based on your needs and take it from there.

What's with the Cheeseburgers?

As i was traveling abroad for a considerable amount of time, trying out different foods was a staple of learning about the culture of whatever area I found myself in. At some point, people just started assuming that because I am very much an American, that i loved cheeseburgers and that's all I would eat. I began secretly hiding cheeseburgers in my work as a joke and a way for viewers to actively engage with my work. Much like a "Where's waldo?" book, the cheeseburgers give people a reason to spend a little more time looking at and studying the murals and paintings, rather than just scrolling past my work like a meme or new story.

Why Baconcat?

There's a number of reasons for the name Baconcat. Ultimately, all I can say at this point is "why not Baconcat?"

Have another question or suggestion? Let me know here.


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