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ships on jan. 1st, 2024

Cover is signed, designed and hand painted with acrylic paint by Baconcat himself. Very original. Numbered 1-50. Inside is all the same. Outside is special. Double cheese, double patty, hold the mayo, supersized, extra egg, add gravy feature. very cool. Much imagined. So happy. 60 something double sided pages. I don't have that many fingers or toes, and the only other guy who i know who could count that high is my accountant, who when asked, said "Look, Mr. Bacon, I'm able to give you some tax advice, but I'm not your accountant. I handle large nationwide non-profits, explicitly. That means only. Unless you have a registered 501c, I'm not your accountant. For the last time, I don't represent any business, muralists, artists or painters and I'm not going to count pages in this cheeseburger drawing book. Now, it’s your shot, and you’re solids."


Whatever you say, you beautiful bean counting genius, you.


Started in 2016. Vol. 8 is a series of pen and ink drawings done while I visited Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Macao, South Korea & Russia. Follow me through this 30+ page, double sided, black and white visual diary while I guide you through my day to day in Southeast Asia and some other places. Illustrated through the perspective of a confused, lost, drunk teenager in his late twenties, naturally giving zero context with the beautifully rendered, though, poorly composed images and lacking any semblance of a cohesive linear story. "Expensive Mistakes."


I began cooking this bad boy up in 2020, Vol. 9 is a 30 something page, double sided black and white digitally illustrated journey from Greece, to Germany, to Canada, and then only stopping shortly in my hometown in Arizona for a juicy, animal style double double. At long last, the book takes us back around the map to the graffitied streets of Chicago, across the lake to the pubs of London, landing safely on the sunburned and dizzy beaches of Greece, for love, of course. This story is told through a mainly a figurative art style, peppering in some incoherent thoughts on perspective, while it explores an amateur at best knowledge of interior design, architecture and maybe theres some other cool things in there I like to draw. Again, if you are looking for a linear retelling of any event, happening, or past experience of any kind, look no further and you will be disappointed. If you share my proclivities for a violent cheeseburger riddled fever dream or two, come take a seat at the next to me at the campfire, because, "Out getting Cheeseburgers,"




Volume 8 "Expensive Mistakes," & vol. 9 "Out Getting Cheeseburgers" 1st Edition

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